What Do You Bet On – Hardwood Flooring or Engineered Wood Flooring?

Hardwood flooring has been the all time favourites since a long time with teak and mahogany gracing the floors exuding warmth over centuries. Now you are spoilt to choice with manufactured wood which comes in various finishes and textures. Though they come under the common category of hardwood, there are several distinguishing features. Wood2U Ltd. are the best in the market for engineered wood flooring.

In case of engineered, several layers of wood are compressed using water resistant adhesives and high pressure heating mechanism. The common design of cross linking various sections of boards builds the endurance and durability to remain in form.

Care should be taken to refinish and sand the surface only if required due to the thin layers. It is best suited for basements, kitchens and even over in floor heating systems. Solid wood loses its form in exposure to moisture and weathers down leading to chipping. Another drawback is that it cannot be installed in a below grade basement.