What is c class hosting?

network_cablingEach and every computer on the Internet has an IP (Internet Protocol) address and so does the system at your home or office or your web-hosting device will have an IP address. This is critical in the identification process when a particular search has been initiated.

An IP address will usually contain 4 sets of number separated by dots. These 4 sets are termed as ‘A’ class, ‘B’ class, ‘C’ class and ‘D’ class number respectively. So it is usually termed as A.B.C.D.

Out of these sets, C class is the one that will let one know from which server it is working upon and which are the websites using C class hosting. This will lead to too many filtering processes to pick out the best-ranked sites during a search operation.

It is to get rid of this trouble that SEO hosting came into place where your site will be hosted from different C class IP address that makes it difficult to identify the servers region.